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  • Franck Viseux
  • Mar 06, 2018

Discover the North-West Coast of Ibiza sailing

Portinatx / Port of Sant Miquel de Balansat

After exploring the most beautiful coves of the North of the island, spending a sweet night in the Bay of Portinatx (See blog : “The North cost of Ibiza seen from the sea”), we begin a new sunny day. Let's not forget that Ibiza enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year!

As soon as we finish breakfast, we all participate in the maneuver: direction the Port of Sant Miguel (Puerto de San Miguel).

Once you cross the Punta de Sa Torre, the huge bay of Cala Xarraca (39 ° 5 '54 "N, 1 ° 29' 51" E) opens to our left. We decide to go along the coast to appreciate the landscape.

  • We first pass the tiny cove of Cala Xuclà (Es Cala des Xular*) and its adorable little “chiringuito”, then we approach Illot des Rencli.
    This area, little frequented, is one of my favorite places for swimming and the practice of snorkeling. At the top of the small cliff, a fish restaurant with the same name is a pleasant stop in the shade of a pine forest.
  • One more cable-length and we arrive in front of the sandy beach of Cala Xarraca. It is one of the prettiest beaches in the North of the island.

    Rarely mentioned in tourist guides, it is therefore relatively quiet. Diving enthusiasts consider it ideal for their sport because it possesses the most crystal clear waters of the island. A restaurant welcomes you feet in the water...
  • We continue our journey to the next creek and enter the bay of Es Canaret (Caló d'es Porcs* - 39° 6′4 47″ N, 1° 29′7 10″ E) a few minutes later. It's my favorite creek! The site is truly privileged and the turquoise water reminds one of the Caribbean. Another not insignificant advantage is that it is often deserted because it is practically inaccessible on foot.

    We cannot resist any longer. After dropping the anchor in the shallow waters, we throw ourselves into transparent water where hundreds of fishes swim like ballet dancers for us.
  • After an hour of swimming, we decide it is time to "set sail" for the beach Benirràs (Port de Benirrás* - 39° 5′ 23″ N 1° 27′ 14″ E). We pass across Cap Blanc, taking care to avoid a big rock near water, then we pass s’Escull that many here call “Cala Luna” (moon beach) because of its ground dotted with craters.

    The famous Benirrás rock is in sight: a narrow, pointed 88 feet high islet in the center of the bay. Benirrás is one of the mythical creeks of the north of the island, made famous by the hippies in the 70s. It is also here that every Sunday night, the crowd dances to the rhythm of the drums of the numerous percussionists present, while watching the sunset.

    The beach has several restaurants and a few water sports. The nicest place, in my opinion, is the row of small fisherman's houses that line the left side of the bay.
  • We continue and enter the bay of Puerto de San Miguel (Port de San Miguel* / 39° 4′ 46″ N - 1° 26′ 24″ E), located just beside.

    Today, with the wind blowing from the west, we choose to anchor immediately to the right on entering the channel, well sheltered by the peninsula of Es Pas de S'Illa.

    The huge villa of a Russian billionaire occupies it entirely. It is also here that the Chiringuito "Pirata", held by Pepe, offers you delicious grilled meats and an unrivaled tomato salad …

    natural harbor, San Miguel is one of the few very touristic areas in the north of the island. The beach concentrates several hotels and apartments, some of which have been erected to follow the shape of the cliffs on the right bank. There are several restaurants, including the "Balansat", very renowned for its fish.

After joining the main beach on board the shuttle, we go to visit the caves of Can Marçá at the top of the cliffs, about twenty minutes on foot. A good way to escape from the heat!

But our cruise is far from finished.
Indeed, we only sailed half the tour of the island.
You will soon discover other wonderful creeks and landscapes between San Miguel and San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany*)


* Proper name in Catalan

An idea of: Sandrine Blasco
Texts: Franck viseux

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