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  • Franck Viseux / Sandrine Blasco
  • Mar 13, 2017

Discover the north coast of Ibiza by boat

From Caló Gros to Portinatx

After sailing along the East Coast of Ibiza (“The East Coast of Ibiza from the sea - Part I” and “The East Coast of Ibiza - Part II”), we ended our day by dropping anchor in “Calo Gros”, in the North-East of the Island. We wake up this morning on board our monohull, slightly rocked by the movement of the sea. How nice and relaxing this is…

During breakfast, Claudio our professional skipper tells us about today’s program: “The weather is favourable so we will continue our cruise as planned along the North- North West coast until Portinax where we will spend the night… A surprise will await you there!”


As we leave Calo Gros behind us, Claudio suggests the small creek of “Cala d’en Serra” for our next stop. Once past the cap of “Punta Grossa” we carefully skirt the coast due to the many rocks at the water's edge, just like the one in “ses Formigues”. We pass by “Port de ses Caletes” (39°5′47″N - 1°33′11″E), a natural site ideal for the practice of free diving. It is little crowded because it is very far from the main road connecting the villages of San Joan and San Vicente

We are undoubtedly in Ibiza’s wildest area now, with its white cliffs covered with trees and its small coves, still secret which are ideally discovered from the sea. From the deck of our sailboat, no house is spoiling our sight. One has to say, there are very few in these hills because of coast protection, and this is a good thing!

We arrive in sight of “Cala d’en Serra” (39°6′27″N - 1°32′13″E). Located in a unique environment the beach with its transparent, serene waters is very enclosed. It is an irresistible invitation to bathe.

We are in luck, the “chiringuito” is still open. Perfect timing: it’s cocktail time! We all go for a dip to join the small beach dotted with a few parasols. Just as we go out of the crystal- clear water, a light warm breeze dries us quickly. We place our order enjoying the wonderful view. What if Paradise does exist?

An hour later, Claudio comes to pick us up with the shuttle. It is indeed time to raise anchor to reach “Portinaxt” where we intend to spend the night. On our left, the “Moscarter lighthouse” perched on the peak bearing the same name, stands magnificently at the top of the cliffs. It is painted in black and white in spiral shape. From its 300 feet high it is the most advanced point to the north of the island. It faces Mallorca which is around 60 miles to the Northeast.

Cala Portinatx (39°6′44.48″ N - 1°31′3.88″ E) is in fact formed of several small creeks. “Puntas Galera” and “Sa Torre” constitute the flanks of this long, narrow bay where a few bathers are still enjoying the warmth of the early evening. We leave our craft away from the small strip of sand which enclose the channel because it is very shallow. To go there, we take the shuttle. The small fishing port is very charming, human-sized and with a family atmosphere.

Claudio who knows all the good places to eat recommends us the “Caballito del Mar” (the Sea Horse), situated close from the beach and with an excellent price / performance ratio. However, we had the choice between many addresses in the small town that one can easily walk on foot.

Later, we return to our boat. Rocked by a light lapping, we want to enjoy the starry sky, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The night is going to be sweet…


Tomorrow will be another day, another adventure. The continuation of our cruise around Ibiza island very soon in the article to come "The North-West coast of the Island of Ibiza seen from the sea".


An idea of : Sandrine Blasco
Texte : Franck Viseux
Translate : Natacha Claudin

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