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  • Sandrine Blasco
  • Feb 04, 2017

Sailing the east coast of ibiza-II

From Cala Mastella to Caló Gros

Here we are, pleased with the first part of our day of discovering the East Coast of the island of Ibiza and satisfied with our excellent meal in the restaurant of "Cala Mastella". We are now returning to our sailboat to begin the second part of this wonderful day. We continue our journey along the coast, always going up north and we will anchor before night in a nice little bay in the North-East of the Island.

  • We pass the bay of CALA DE BOIX with its transparent water. The bay is well protected from the winds (from the sea to the earth), and from currents as well because of its situation and its configuration. It is surrounded by cliffs arduous to climb and by pines ... nature is practically intact. Bathers can only access it by a long stairway.

    The beach is about 300 feet long and 30 feet wide. Its main feature is the color of its sand. It is much darker than the other beaches of the island, and offers a nice contrast with the color of the sea and the sky. It is a quiet place designed for families, without the sounds of engines or water bikes.

CALA DE BOIX is apparently famous for its 3 restaurants... I do not know any of them at the moment, but I hope I will be able to put my comment very soon!

  • As we resume our journey we leave THE ISLAND OF TAGOMAGO on starboard (39º2,4'N - 01º38'E). It is just in front of CALA DE BOIX, only half a nautical mile from the latter. Of the three anchorages on the island, Claudio tells us that the one in the south-west best protects from the Levant wind. Seabed composed of sand and rocks at around 20 feet to anchor. It's good to know for another time!

* A FEW INFORMATION: The name of TAGOMAGO would be translated as "Roca de Magó" (the rock of Mago), which would refer to Carthaginian General Magón Barca, whose diminutive was Mago (243 BC. - 203 BC)

The island is rocky but not very mountainous, it has a length of 5000 feet and a maximum width of 370 feet. It has a port to the west and a lighthouse built in 1913 on the southeast tip. The latter is 280 feet above sea level and 60 feet high.

TAGOMAGO is a breeding ground for migratory birds. They include the Eleonor Falcon, the "moñudos" cormorants (also known as "Virot"), the "Patamarillas" gulls, or the "Balear pardela". Among the fauna, there are also lizard subspecies of Ibiza and Formentera. For all these reasons, it is considered a place of high ecological value and is classified as a natural area of ​​special (or general) interest, and as such it is protected by the European network Natura 2000.

  • As we leave behind the small island of Tagomago, we follow an arm of the sea which enters the land and we arrive in a small natural port: POU DES LLEÓ. It is a beautiful sandy beach of 200 feet long and 50 feet wide. Along the creek, we discover the fisherman's cottages dotting the irregular coastline. They constitute many little secret corners, ideal to bask in the sun, sheltered from glances.

    I tell my friends that this is a place to discover by car as well: "Go for a walk to the " TORRE D'EN VALLS ", which is only a 20 minute walk away. From here, you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of TAGOMAGO ...»
  • We leave for our penultimate anchorage. We pass successively ES FIGUERAL (Platja Des Figueral) and AGUAS BLANCAS (Aigüs Blanques). These two magnificent beaches are more than 1000 feet long. ES FIGUERAL is however less wild than AGUAS BLANCAS which is protected from the constructions by its high cliffs.
    The water is extremely clear on windless days. It is one of the locals’ favorite beaches, where nudists and non-nudists share the same space.
  • We continue our navigation to reach the north-east of the island and drop our anchor in front of the beach of CALA DE SAN VICENTE (39º04,3'N - 01º35,6E). To help you place it, I would say that it is a 10-minute drive from the charming village of San Carlos. We admire this beautiful beach of fine, golden sand. Like most of Ibiza’s beaches, it is moon-shaped. It is the most spacious in this region (1200 feet long by 100 feet wide).
    The water is incredibly clear throughout the year. Thanks to the mountains and the pine forests, it is well protected, except though when the wind comes from the South-East.

    I love this creek which, despite its size, has kept a wild side ... And even with the soulless buildings built in the 70s, just behind the beach ...! Misère de misère! How could the natives of the island allowed such horrors to be build! And mostly, how come have they not since time decided to destroy them! Well … this may be another theme I will develop in my blog ;-)

There are many bars and restaurants that I do not know personally. However, I had good feedbacks from the "Hidden Bar" for its cocktails and "On the Beach" for its organic burgers.

We continue our cruise for our final anchorage of the day, and, also mostly, the place where we will be spending the night. We arrive at PUNTA GROSSA and its lighthouse (or what is left of it). Just opposite, only 30 miles away, is the ISLOTE OF PUNTA GROSSA (Illa Grossa). The ISLOTE DE PUNTA GROSSA is a small bare island that is a perfect place to anchor when the wind comes from the South. But we are lucky because the weather is favorable and the sea is calm. In fact, we choose to anchor at CALÓ GROS, which is under the PUNTA GROSSA lighthouse. Here, the Northeast winds dominate, which will not affect us tonight. The beach is tiny, practically inaccessible to walkers and therefore, it is totally untouched. The water is crystalline. Tonight, we are alone in the world ... We open the champagne and bring out the aperitifs and, together, we drink to our happiness!

I hope that you enjoyed this first cruise on the East coast of IBIZA ISLAND FROM THE SEA and that it will help you to know this part of my island better. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience our magical island yet, I hope to have aroused your curiosity, and perhaps thanks to my article, IBIZA will be part of your projects

Very soon I will publish another cruise around the IBIZA ISLAND FROM THE SEA ... An opportunity for you to discover other beaches and magical coves of this enchanting island.

See you very soon on my Blog, and why not, maybe in Ibiza with SOLANA YACHTING.



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